Dr. Mikao Usui was the head of the Christian boy’s school in Japan toward the end of the last century. One Sunday, some of the boys asked, “Do you believe Jesus healed?” Dr. Usui answered, “Yes.” “Then, please give us a demonstration by healing a blind person or a cripple, or by walking on water,” the boys asked. Dr. Usui said, “I can’t…but someday I would like to prove it to you.”
He came to America to study the Bible at a university in Chicago where he studied philosophy, Christianity and the Bible. But he could not find where Jesus left the formula for producing healing in others. He continued his studies in Hinduism, Buddhism, and other religions of the world. He returned to Kyoto after seven years in Chicago to study more about Buddha in hopes of finding the formula for healing. He went to all of the temples and monasteries in Kyoto asking, “Do the sutras say that Buddha healed?” They all replied, “It is written.” After months of searching, he was referred to a Zen temple near Kyoto, which had the largest Buddhist library in Japan.
He asked to speak to the highest monk. Dr. Usui asked him, “Do the Zen believe in healing?
Can you heal the physical self?” “Not yet,” was the monk’s answer, “we are very busy attuning the mind first. We meditate every day for spiritual enlightenment.”

Dr. Usui then asked if he could enter the monastery and learn Buddhism. During the three years he was there, he read all the sutras written in Japanese and sat for many hours in meditation with the monks. But this was not enough. He thanked them and was about to leave when the highest monk asked him to continue to study with them. Dr. Usui stayed on for many years and learned to read Chinese and read the sutras that were written in Chinese. Still, he did not find the formula he was searching for. He studied Sanskrit and began reading the sutras written in Sanskrit, one of the first written languages. It was in the Sanskrit sutras that he found some symbols and some phrases that might be the formula for Buddha’s Manual Healing System written 2,500 years ago!

The next step was to put these things together so that they would make a practical, usable form. He decided to undertake a fast and meditation in hope of receiving a vision that would put this information together. His parting words, as he left the monastery, were to come looking for his body if he was not back in twenty-two days. He climbed Mt. Kurayama and there he sat to meditate. He gathered twenty-one stones and each day at dawn he threw away one stone.

He read sutras, chanted, prayed and meditated. In the early hours of the twenty-first day, he finished his meditation. He thought about this being his last opportunity to find the answer he had searched for all these years. Then he saw flashes of light…a phenomenon. Light moved very fast toward him. The light struck him in the forehead. He fell backward and lost consciousness. It was as if he had died. He saw visions of millions of bubbles in the colors of the rainbow dancing in front of him. Each color of the rainbow came from the right moving to the left and filled the whole sky. When the last color had faded, a white light came from the right and formed a screen in front of him. Golden letters he recognized from the books appeared in front of him. Each symbol came into sight and then faded and with this came the understanding of their meaning and the use to be made of them. Then he heard, “Remember. Remember. Remember.”

When he came to, it was daylight. He closed his eyes and all the golden letters and symbols appeared to him. Five miracles occurred. He stood and felt strong. He wasn’t hungry but full of energy and ready to walk the seventeen miles back to the monastery. It was a miracle that he felt so good. As he headed down the mountain, he stumbled on a rock which tore his toenail back, making it bleed. He instinctively grabbed his toe with his hand and held it. He felt a pulse of energy. The pain went away. He removed his hand and saw the dried blood and the toenail in its proper place. At the bottom of the mountain Dr. Usui came upon a girl crying. “I have a terrible tooth-ache. It has been hurting for three days and I cannot go to the dentist because it is seventeen miles to the dentist’s office and I have no way to get there.” Dr. Usui asked if he could put his hands on her cheeks. After a few minutes her eyes brightened, she smiled and said, “The pain is gone.”

She ran to her grandfather saying, “This monk makes magic!” The grandfather fed Dr. Usui a big meal, which he ate all of and had no indigestion, after breaking his fast. He headed back to the monastery where he found the Abbot in bed with arthritis and a backache. He placed his hands on the abbot as he told the old monk all about his meditation and his vision. The monk then said, “The pain is all gone. My body feels good. I feel full of energy!” Dr. Usui said, “This is Reiki.” Dr. Usui slept well that night. Dr. Usui taught Reiki to Dr. Churjiro Hayashi who combined his medical knowledge with Reiki. Dr. Hayashi taught Mrs. Hawayo Takata who brought Reiki to the United States and initiated twenty-two Reiki Masters before she passed on. One of these Reiki Masters was John Harvey Gray who taught Karen Krieger as well as Libby Barnett who both taught Siri Baruc Thornton.

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