Our Reiki Path

Stephanie Myers – Reiki II Practioner

My Reiki path began with a free introduction to Reiki seminar offered by Haleya Priest  with my now fellow Reiki practitioner Jamie Hunt. Jamie had been interested in Reiki and asked if I would like to go along for the ride. I had no idea what Reiki was but being a very spiritual person I can say that I was interested to see how this “Reiki” would coincide with my catholic upbringing(check out post). Within the first 1/2 hour of meeting Haleya and hearing her speak of Reiki, I knew my life was about to move down a new healing path. I received a ten minute Reiki treatment  in a chair and I was convinced. The practioner lightly placed her hands on my shoulders and I could immediately feel the heat and energy come from her hands. I could only imagine what a full treatment could do for me. Haleya spoke of the benefits of self Reiki, which can be learned thru attunements we would receive during a Reiki I class.  I signed up for that class with Jamie the very next day.  The difference that ten minute Reiki session has made in my life is nearly indescribable, I have since completed Reiki I and Reiki II instruction with Haleya and will be working toward Reiki Master in August.  This path has quickly shown me the healing power of relaxation, mindfulness and being truly present within our bodies.  Thanks  to the Reiki energy that I have given myself and many others, I am excited to share this wonderful healing art with as many people as the universe sends my way.

Take time for you!! Renew, balance and relax!!


 Jamie Hunt – Reiki II Practioner

My first experience with Reiki was while working in an emergency room where a few of the nurses had just started practicing Reiki. I was telling a co-worker that I had a headache from a knot in my back when Erin (a nurse friend) who had just finished her own Reiki I Certification offered to give me a short Reiki session with hopes that it would help my pain. Erin placed her hands in a few positions on my back and when she reached the knot that was causing my pain her hand became very warm. After the 10 minute session my headache was gone and I was completely swept up in the healing power of Reiki. I did a lot of reading and questioning…while Reiki was something that without a doubt resonated with my soul, I struggled with the conflicting ideas that I kept running into regarding whether or not my Catholic religion would support this energy healing that my heart so badly wanted to practice. After many conversations and Google searches I settled on the belief that Reiki is a way of physically praying for someone’s highest good and healing and that while Reiki is not a religion it is spiritual and both religion and spirituality are filled with mysticism and natural healing power passed on to each of us by whomever/whatever we believe to be our higher power. So, with those ideas I was moved to attend an Intro to Reiki Class as well as complete Reiki I & II Certifications with Stephanie that are taught by Haleya Priest and Thom Levy.

My soul has found so much peace in Reiki and I look forward to being the vessel through which your higher power facilitates relaxation, peace, and healing for you.


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